Shepherds’ Notes

Most of us recognize Hebrews Chapter 11 as the “Faith” chapter in the Bible.  We are reminded of the faith of great men such as Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Joseph and others.  We read in the Old Testament how God used these men, and why we are reminded of their faith. 

Also, we read of many women of faith as well.  Hebrews 11 mentions Sarah.  Other women that come to mind are Ruth, Rebekah, Esther, Elizabeth, Mary, Martha and her sister Mary.  There are many others that we could name. 

As I thought about these people of faith, I began to think back to when I was a child growing up in a small congregation. There were many people that I would consider people of great faith.  In our auditorium there were two rows of seats in the front of the building that were turned in a different direction than all the rest.  There were about four men that always sat in these seats that I would consider great men of faith.  Not that they would have wanted any special honor, but these men were the leaders in the church.  Along with their wives, they were well respected in the community and could be counted on to be at every worship service.  They would travel together to gospel meetings in the area, not just one night of the meeting but every night.  These were people that I looked up to, learned from and respected.  I know all of us have fond memories of God-fearing people that have influenced our lives along the way.  May we always treasure them and the influence that they had and are having in our lives.  Consider Hebrews 12:1-2.