From Paul’s Pen

            As we begin a New Year, I want to encourage you to become a daily Bible reader. The link to the site of our reading is The default Bible is the KJV, but you can select the NKJV or another translation at the top of the site under “ADV. OPTIONS”. The reading plan we are following is the One Year Canonical Plan and you have the option of having the text read to you. You can also create an account to allow your daily Bible reading to synchronize across multiple devices.

            New years bring new opportunities and possibilities – 2022 is no exception. While we don’t know where COVID and its variants will take us, change is awaiting our congregation. With a new minister coming on board, he will bring new energy and ideas. It will be our responsibility to embrace and encourage him and his family – as I know Walter Hill will do! The future remains bright if each of us will do his or her part as the body of Christ.

            I was trying to find a text for my article this week to challenge us in the New Year. I finally chose one but it’s too long to include; however, please take time to read Romans 12:1-21. If we followed the three main points of this text, the Lord would richly bless the Walter Hill church in the days ahead. May we be living sacrifices to God (verses 1-2); may we serve God with the spiritual gifts and talents He has bestowed on each of us (verses 3-8); and may we behave like Christians (verses 9-21).

            Happy New Year!!!