WHY: Guys and Gals Day

The guys will leave the building at 8:20 to attend the ¬†East Main church of Christ Young Men Seminar. Afterwards, we will meet the girls for lunch at Slim Chicken’s at 12:30. Then the guys and gals will go play Lazer Tag together at Phazer Kraze. Finally the ladies will be taken to the church building to make bouquets for the Widows and Widowers. Click here to sigh up! The address to Slim Chickens: 229 N Thompson Lane.

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Notes from the Bulletin

Sunday immediately after worship, lunch, devotional, and swimming at the Millers! 

Tuesday, July 5th we have MYM at Rockvale. We will leave the building at 6:00pm. 

Saturday, July 9th  we are going white water rafting. We will meet at Walter Hill at 7:15am and be back around 7:15pm. Every year this trip is a lot of fun! It cost $50 and you will need money for a fast-food dinner and a packed lunch.

Monday, July 11th we have MYM at Leanna. The bus will leave the building at 6:30pm. 

Friday, July 15th we will have a color war at the Tracy’s and a slip-n-slide. We will meet their at 5:30pm.