Monday, July 22nd – MYM Highland Heights Church of Christ! The bus will leave at 6:10pm.

Tuesday, July 23rd – Bus Washing and Slip-n-Slide! Everyone will need to wear dark clothes that can get dirty!

Wednesday, July 24th: Christmas in July Dinner with Friends! Invite your friends to join us for a meal and Bible Class! Games will start at 5:30 with dinner starting at 6pm. Get 50 to come and Cole and Chris will do 24 hours in Waffle House! 

Thursday, July 25th – Cookies with Cole at 1:30pm come for cookies and games with our intern! 

Thursday, July 25th: Connect Conference Youth Night! The bus will leave at 5:30pm and go to Crieve Hall Church of Christ to worship, hear a lesson from TJ Kirk, and eat pizza, we should be back around 10pm. 

Friday, July 26th: Dinner at Chris and Emily’s before the Gospel Meeting at 5pm!

Saturday, July 27th: Christmas in July Celebration at Chris and Emily’s at 4pm! Everyone will need a $1 gift for a gift exchange game. 

Summer Calendar can be accessed here!