From Paul’s Pen

            Many of us have had Hebrews 10:25 drilled into us from an early age and can quote from memory “not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together.” And, hopefully, we want to assemble with the saints whenever we can. (Before I continue, yes, I understand that some folks cannot drive at night, have to work, are sick, are caregivers, etc.) Outside of this plain command cited above, there is an example in Scripture that makes me want to never miss a meeting of the Lord’s body.

            On the day of our Lord’s resurrection as recorded in John’s gospel, His disciples assembled that Sunday evening (John 20:19). But one of the twelve missed the assembly (John 20:24). The apostle Thomas wasn’t there for reasons not given. And the next verse reveals why this disciple is forever known as “Doubting Thomas.” However, let’s not miss the lesson for us – and the lesson Thomas came to realize the following week: Jesus, the risen Savior, was at the assembly Thomas missed! Don’t we believe our risen Savior is at our assemblies although not in bodily form (Matthew 18:20; 28:20)?

            When we miss an assembly of the disciples, we often miss something very exciting. That was certainly true if you missed our afternoon service last Sunday or our Wednesday evening service. Last Sunday, our young men led us in worship, and I can’t say enough about what a great job each one did. I want to commend them by name although space does not allow me to describe their participation. However, you can watch the afternoon worship service on YouTube if you were unable to be here. The following young men led us in worship: Josh Miller; Elijah Philips; Dylan Knox; Tyler Lancaster; Will Cooper; Eli Mitchell; Carson McNabb; Martin Nance; Danek Smith; Brayden Graves; Grant DeMario; and Henry Nance. Your willingness to serve is an encouragement to everyone!

            And, if you missed the assembly on Wednesday evening, you missed the beautiful “new birth” of Isaac DeMario. His father Greg took his confession and then immersed him into Christ. It is so encouraging to see our young people take seriously the gospel message and decide to follow Jesus. May we never do anything to cause one of these young people to stumble (Mark 9:42)!

            P.S. I don’t want to slight our young ladies as I am told Emma, Kayla, and Halaina all did a great job for our recent Ladies’ Day!