Hear the Word

by Justin Morton

This weekend my family and I are in Pigeon Forge for the annual Polishing the Pulpit (PTP) conference. If you are unfamiliar with PTP, it’s an event held every August in east Tennessee by members of the Lord’s church. Over the course of the week, around 5,000 other Christians will gather for Bible classes on various topics, Bible studies and worship. Our family really enjoys attending PTP and believe it is one of the best events available each year to members of the Lord’s body.

The apostle Paul, in writing to the Christians in Rome, said, “So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ” (Romans 10:17). According to this passage, our faith is developed by us hearing the word of God.

As disciples of Jesus, we need to be open to listening and hearing what He has to say to us through His word. You and I are very blessed and privileged. We have so many different means of “hearing” the Word of Christ on a daily basis. We can hear the Word while in our Bible classes, during sermons that are preached, while riding down the road in our cars or exercising at the gym. We can hear the Word while waiting for appointments or during events like PTP and Gospel meetings.

Friends, the more we listen to, read and study from the Word, the more our faith will develop and grow. We have plenty of access to the Word. The question is, “Are you taking advantage of hearing the Word of God and growing your faith?”