Shepherds’ Notes

Today will be the last day of our Gospel Meeting with our Brother Willie Franklin.  What a blessing it has been to hear him preach God’s word.  Hopefully, the sermons he has brought us Friday evening and Saturday evening have been encouraging and thought provoking for each of us.  We look forward to the sermons he has prepared for us today and worshiping together with him.  We wish him safe travels as he returns to his home.  Hopefully, the seeds he has sown among us will produce much fruit for the Lord’s Church here at Walter Hill. 

What does “Gospel Meeting” really mean?  Years ago, and still today, some religious organizations call them “Revivals”. 

One definition or purpose of a gospel meeting I found was “to give those who live in our area a special opportunity to hear the original gospel of Christ proclaimed by an able preacher of the gospel”.  We are fortunate to live where we can hear the Gospel preached by so many able preachers not only during gospel meetings but each Lord’s Day.  There are many people around the world where this isn’t possible.  We should be expressing our gratitude to God for this luxury every day.   We are blessed here at Walter Hill with men such as Justin, Paul and Chris who love God and love to preach His word.  Please continue to pray for these men and let them know how much you appreciate them and their work as Gospel Preachers.