Shepherds’ Notes

It’s July and we are a little over halfway through another year.  For some, the year has flown by, and for others, it is just creeping along.  If you are a student or teacher, you are also a little over halfway through the summer break.

Halfway is not totally bad because there is still time left in the year and there is still a little time for the summer school break.  We can still accomplish goals we may have set out to achieve before the year is up.

If we take the time to examine our spiritual walk, we may surmise that we are halfway there, but our walk may be close to the end, or we may have a long walk to go.  Only the Lord knows how much longer our journey will be.  It is important for us to be always prepared, regardless of how long we think we may have.

There is another halfway mentioned in the Bible in which we do not want to find ourselves.  In John’s inspired writing to the Laodiceans in Revelation 3:14-22, Jesus is warning them not to be lukewarm, or halfway hot and halfway cold.

The Laodiceans thought they were self-sufficient in their faith, needing nothing from anyone.  This lukewarmness must have been evident by their works as Jesus goes on to tell them to repent and be zealous.

We do not know the full story of the Laodiceans, but we know enough that it is better to be fully committed or not committed at all than it is to be halfway committed.  Not being committed to the Lord and His church is a bad choice, too.

The only viable option for one wanting to live forever with the One who created us, loved us, and provided for us is to be fully committed to Jesus Christ.