Back Home Again

by Justin Morton

Earlier this week, our boys spent a few days with their grandparents and cousins. While they were only away from us for a couple of days, Miranda and I missed them so much and kept bringing them up as we talked about different things. We could not wait for them to come back home with us.

Some of you know how we were feeling. You’ve had the same experience and felt the same way when your own children were away from you for various reasons. Others in our congregation feel this way right now as their loved ones are on a mission trip. When we are away from our loved ones, we long for their return home.

With this thought in mind, we can understand a glimpse of how God feels when His beloved children are away from Him. Any time a child of God leaves home and goes off into a “far country” (Lk. 15:13) for any length of time, the father watches and waits for that child’s return (Lk. 15:20). He doesn’t write off that child because He has other children. He doesn’t think to himself, “Oh well, It’s their loss.” No, God eagerly waits for that child to come back home. He wants nothing more than for that child to come to repentance (2 Pet. 3:9) and return to the family.

We missed our boys so much while they were gone, and we are thankful they are back at home with us. Perhaps you are one of those children God is waiting to come back home. I want you to know that God hasn’t given up on you. He is watching and waiting for your return. Will you make the short walk back home to Him?