Opportunities Abound

by Justin Morton

Easter Sunday is only one week away. Many people may be planning to attend a church service on that day. Why not use this opportunity to invite a friend, neighbor, coworker or loved one to come worship with you at Walter Hill? You might be surprised at the response to your invitation. Andrew issued his own invitation to his brother, and the result of that invitation led to one of the leaders of the early church (Jn 1:40-42). What results might come from the invitation you extend to someone? You just might invite someone whose life will be transformed by the power of God. 

Some of our members are in Amory, MS this weekend helping serve those affected by the tornadoes. We are thankful for those who have traveled as well as those who provided various resources for their trip. How can you help someone in need this week?

This coming weekend a few of our young people are participating in the Lads to Leaders convention at the Opryland Hotel. Lads to Leaders is a wonderful program designed to help young people develop skills for their service to God. We are so proud of our young people who are participating this year, and the hard work and time they have put into L2L. In the coming weeks you will hear more information about our L2L plans for next year. We would love to have more children participate in this program, and we also can use additional adult volunteers. Will you consider participating in this great work?

Being a part of God’s family provides each of us with some unique opportunities to invite, to serve and to learn. Will you make the most of this week’s opportunities?