Shepherds’ Notes

With the time change today, Bible classes start at 6:00 this evening.

Last Sunday, a new quarter of Bible class began.  We are blessed with good teachers who study a lot each week to prepare for class.  There are classes for all ages, from infancy through the oldest adults.  There is a list of available adult classes below on the front page of the bulletin.  As winter turns to spring, this is an excellent time to take part in a Bible class.

After the water pipe burst on Christmas Eve, it is nice to see the building starting to get back to normal.  The small dings and dents in the walls have been repaired and a fresh coat of paint has been applied.  Soon, Adult 1 and Adult 2 will be available for use again, as will the small kitchen.  We have experienced a little inconvenience, but that will make us appreciate the facilities we have even more.

The appearances we look for in buildings are different than the appearances we should look for in people.  The Pharisees in Jesus’ day focused on the outside appearance of man.  The Pharisees put on a good front, looking religious when they were around people.  They wore special attachments on their clothing, they made a show of their giving and praying, they ceremonially washed their hands before eating.

In Luke 23, Jesus looked into their hearts and compared them to whitewashed tombs.  Jesus went on to say that outwardly, they appeared religious, but within, they were full of hypocrisy and lawlessness.

As we examine our own lives, it’s appropriate for us to project a good outside appearance to those around us.  Jesus also wants us to have clean hearts and minds as his disciples.  Does anyone need to do a little spiritual spring cleaning?