Don’t Neglect Christ this Christmas

by Justin Morton

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Houses are glowing, trees are decorated, families and friends are making lasting memories and you likely have some presents under the Christmas tree. If not, you’d better get on it. You only have one week left to get those gifts bought and wrapped, gentlemen.

I love this time of year. Over the course of the next week, many of us are going to be involved in family gatherings. Some of these events may require us to travel, while others may be enjoyed in the comfort of our own homes. Regardless of where we find ourselves the next few days, I want to challenge each of us to remember what is truly important. No, I’m not talking about your dirty Santa gift! I am talking about something that is not only important this time of year, but all throughout the year. During this week of celebration and fun, I want to challenge you to worship and praise our Heavenly Father.

By now I am sure you realize that Christmas falls on Sunday. And while Christmas is a special time for many of us, each and every Sunday is incredibly special because that is the day when we come together to celebrate the Lord’s victory over death (Matt. 28:1), break bread with one another (Acts 20:7) and participate in various acts of worship (I Cor. 16:1-2, Ep. 5:19). Next Sunday is no different. So while I hope you enjoy participating in whatever traditions your family enjoys on Christmas morning, I pray that you will prioritize our worship, joining other brothers and sisters in Christ to worship and praise our glorious Father above!