Will’s Words

Last Sunday was an emotional day for me, my family, and our congregation as it was announced that my work with the Walter Hill church would end at the close of August.  It has been such a blessing for us to be members of this great congregation.  Thank you for loving us and encouraging us.  We pray that God continues to bless the Walter Hill family that has been so good to us.

I love preaching and have loved it since I started as a pre-teen.  I left preaching weekly when we came to Walter Hill; and while I have grown in other aspects of ministry in my time here, I have grown to miss preaching more and more.  In a meeting with our elders in 2019, they expressed I would not fill the pulpit here in the future, and after a meeting in November 2020  I had to begin a diligent search for a preaching role.  To date, I’ve interviewed with eight congregations in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Alabama and have not yet secured a new position.  I ask that you pray alongside us that God will soon place us with a new work where we can work in the Kingdom for His glory.

As announced last week, at the end of August, we will be moving outside Muscle Shoals, AL, where we will live until we find a new work.  I cannot express how deeply we have loved this church family and will miss you all.  Thank you for taking us in as family and allowing us to work with you and share in your lives.  It’s been a great honor for us.