Shepherds’ Notes

Summer has been in full swing for over a month now.  We have had a successful VBS, a great week for the children at Bible Camp, and good participation for the teens at MYM.  Since returning to one worship assembly on Sundays, our attendance has been encouraging.  Our Sunday evening Bible classes have been well-received.

Still to come is our annual gospel meeting July 23-25!  This year, Bryan McAlister from the Walnut Street congregation in Dickson, will be our guest speaker.  Many of us remember Bryan from when he was our 5th Sunday speaker in March 2019.  The elders want to encourage you to make plans to attend this time of worship and fellowship.

How astounding it must have been for those disciples who followed Jesus day after day around Palestine, listening to the words he spoke, observing the miracles he performed, and witnessing the life he lived!

Even with all they saw and heard, many of Jesus’ disciples did not grasp who it was walking before them.  They obviously knew they were in the presence of someone special, even someone sent from God, but they did not fully understand the mission and purpose of Jesus.

After Jesus was crucified and was resurrected, the Holy Spirit came upon the apostles, and they began to preach the whole gospel of Jesus.  Men inspired by the Holy Spirit wrote books and letters about the life of Jesus and His church.  These books and letters became the New Testament as we have it today.

Because we have access to the New Testament, we can know who Jesus is, what He has done for us, and what His plan is for us.  The whole counsel of God has been given to us, let each of us be diligent in reading and studying that precious book.