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WHY-Parent Email

Here's what's coming up with the youth at Walter Hill!

Hello Parents,

Bible Class +:

I hope this finds you doing well, I want to make sure you are informed about a new program we have started called “Bible Class +.”  I have sent a few texts out about it and some have already signed up, but I wanted to make sure you all knew what it was all about! 

The idea is for our students to be able to have Bible Class on their own at home. We are using Dan Winkler’s book “Just-if-ied Never Sinned” part of the Life Changing Studies with an Open Bible series. You can check it out by clicking here. These books will be provided to students who are committed to studying and sign up. 

I wish Bible Study had been made a greater priority in my life as a teen and this is how I hope to help our teens make it a priority in their life. That being said, I don’t expect every student to sign up for this. I know some students already have Bible study habits and are doing their own thing, and that other students aren’t ready to study the Bible regularly. And that’s OKAY! We will continue to help them grow and mature so they will learn to make this a priority. I hope this is something more and more students will choose to be a part of and that they’ll learn the many benefits of spending time in God’s Word.  

Please help encourage your child to be a part of Bible Class + and help them make Bible Study a priority in their life.

Upcoming events:

Sunday, October 29th: Young Men Lead Worship: Every other 5th Sunday the young men will lead worship during an afternoon worship service. If your son is participating you should have received an email from me about this. Pleas encourage them and help to make sure they are prepared. Sunday will include: Worship, Bible class, potluck, and teen led worship service, in that order. I hope all will make plans to attend Sunday, especially the teen led worship service. 

Tuesday, October 31st: Biscuits n’ Prayer:We will meet at Chick-fil-a for breakfast and pray together.Our prayer will be at 7:20 and students can come and go as they need to, so they can get to school on time. 

November, 4th: Singing at the Manor:  We will meet at the Manor at 5:45, and the singing will start at 6pm. We will visit with the residents and encourage them with a period of worship. Afterwards the teens will get dinner at, Slim Chickens. I will not be able to attend, but Matt Lanius and Scott Miller will be there to help with the singing. It would be great if other parents could join for the singing and meal as well. 

November, 8th: Fast-Food-Feast:This is our biggest outreach of the year! We will have a feast of the best fast-food from the best fast-food restaurants. There is no cost for the event. This year we hope to beat last year’s record of 39! Our goal this year is to have 56+ attend. Click here to sign up!  

November, 12th: Devotional at the West’s: Immediately after Bible Class on Sunday, November 12th, we will have a devotional at the West’s home, until about 8:15pm.

November, 17th-19th: GREAT NEWS Fall Retreat: Our Fall Retreat will be November 17-19 and will be focused on the Great Gospel of Jesus Christ! We want to look at why the gospel is such great news and how it benefits us! The cost will be $75 and money will be due by November 15th. We hope to set a record for the largest retreat in WHY history! Our goal is to have 35+ at our retreat! Click here to sign up!

Tuesday, November 28th: Biscuits n’ Prayer: We will meet at Chick-fil-a for breakfast and pray together. Our prayer will be at 7:20 and students can come and go as they need to, so they can get to school on time. 

Looking Ahead: 

Saturday, December 2nd: Cookies with Santa and Singing at the Manor

Saturday, December 9th: Christmas Card Sorting and Fun

Thursday, December 21st: Brunch n’ Prayer

Our Outreach Plan:

The Goal is for Overtime Lock-in , Fast-Food-Feast, and The Great News Retreat to be consecutive outreach events that work together to share the gospel with teens. Please encourage your kids to invite their friends back to Bible Class, especially Fast-Food-Feast and the Great News Retreat. 

I am so blessed to work with your family and am very proud of each of the youth that make Walter Hill such a special place!!

In Him, 
Chris Elrod