Shepherds’ Notes

Walter Hill has been blessed to have many evangelists come to preach in our gospel meetings over the years.  This year Allen Webster will be with us to bring a series of lessons to help us grow spiritually.  Allen works with Heart to Heart, the newsletter that is mailed to many homes in Rutherford County and throughout the U.S.  The shepherds at Walter Hill are encouraging each of you to make plans to be here July 26-28.  Please mark it on your calendars!

The theme for Walter Hill this year is Equip.  In our Wednesday evening Bible classes, the adult study has been based on this idea of Equipping the Saints.  If you have gotten out of the habit of attending Wednesday evenings, please think about being here on Wednesdays for the remainder of the summer.

Jesus was the master equipper.  He chose men, who for the most part, did not fit the profile to be leaders.  Yet those twelve men, minus Judas, laid the foundation of the church, which was built upon the chief cornerstone, Jesus Christ.

It must have been amazing for those disciples following Jesus day after day around Palestine, listening to the words he spoke, observing the miracles he performed, and witnessing the life he lived!

Even with all they saw and heard, many of Jesus’ disciples did not grasp who it was walking before them.  They obviously knew they were in the presence of someone special, even someone sent from God, but they did not fully understand the mission and purpose of Jesus at the time.

After Jesus was crucified and was resurrected, the Holy Spirit came upon the apostles, and they began to preach the whole gospel of Jesus.  Men inspired by the Holy Spirit wrote books and letters about the life of Jesus and His church.  These books and letters became the New Testament as we have it today.

Since we have access to the New Testament, we can know who Jesus is, what He has done for us, and what His plan is for us.  His plan is to equip us “for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ” Ephesians 4:12.  Jesus, the master equipper, still provides us with the necessary tools to serve in His church.  The whole counsel of God has been given to us and may each of us be diligent in reading and studying that precious book. 

Sermon Topic


“People of Prayer: The Pattern for Prayer”

Scripture Reading: Matthew 6:9-13