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The church office is closed on Thursdays and is accessible by appointment only.


Shepherds’ Notes

As you know, our theme this year is EQUIP. Justin’s lessons are mostly focusing on equipping the saints. To be equipped is to be provided with whatever is required for use or for any undertaking in terms of knowledge and equipment.

We need equipment for almost anything we do in life. To repair an engine, we need a certain set of tools. When we embark on a journey or voyage, we usually take all the equipment we will need while we are away.

Our Wednesday evening adult class will revolve around equipping each of us to be better husbands, fathers, wives, mothers, teachers, mentors, and even evangelists. By doing so, we hope to equip each of us to be better Christians. 

The book Hebrews speaks to this matter of equipment relative to the doing of God’s will. “Now the God of peace…. equip you in every good thing to do His will, working in us that which is pleasing in His sight through Jesus Christ” (Hebrews 13:20-21).

The more thoroughly we are equipped the more we will bear the fruit to the glory of God. (Col. 1:9-10).

The elders hope to see you at this special class.

Sermon Topic


“What Is That In Your Hand?”

Scripture Reading: Exodus 4:1-5

Youth In Action

Saturday, June 8th – Family Scavenger Hunt at the Avenue. We will meet at the church building at 6pm and take the bus to McAlister’s (at the avenue) for dinner and then will get started with an awesome scavenger hunt! Parents are encouraged to participate! 

Sunday, June 9th – L2L Banquet. Immediately after worship we will have lunch and celebrate the accomplishments of all those who participated in L2L! 

Monday, June 10th – MYM at Smyrna Church of Christ. The bus will leave at 6:10pm! 

June 16th-21st – CAMP JOY! You can now register for camp here! Cost is $110 with each additional family member costing $85. Camp is for 3rd grade and up! Download the health form here! 

Monday, June 24th – MYM at Lascassas Church of Christ! The bus will leave at 6:25!

Sunday, June 30th – Sunday in the Sun Devotional: This will be a split guys and girls devotional by the pool! Click here to sign up!

Tuesday, July 2nd – Kid Kamp 9am-2pm: Kid Kamp is put on by our youth group for the younger kids at Walter Hill. You can sign up to help serve!

Summer Calendar can be accessed here!

Remember In Prayer

Sympathy to the family of Tom Edging

Our love and sympathy are extended to the family of Tom Edging who passed away on Wednesday, May 29.  Visitation with the family is Sunday, June 2, from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. at Walter Hill church of Christ.  Memorial services will be held Sunday, June 2, at 2:30 p.m. at Walter Hill church of Christ.  Graveside services will be held on Tuesday, June 4, at 1:00 p.m. at Spring Hill Cemetery, 5110 Gallatin Road, Nashville, TN 37216.


Continued Prayer Requests

Andrea Jernigan, Stacey Martin, Beulah Harris, Randy Warren, Christy Wakefield, Marla Gregory, Marshal & Susan Horton, Marie Clark, Faye Pistole, Terri Bradford, Wanda Nelson, Rita Hill, James Richardson, Helen Warren, Juanita Brewer, Ashley Jones, Greg Ashburn, Sepal DeBerry, Mike Martin, Mary Landis, Mary Jane Argo, Helen Phillips, Butch Eades, Irene Nelson, John Sellers, Ruby Wells, Della Murphy, Jackye Stanfield, Barbara West, Rubin Horton, Timothy Ashburn, Jackie Gentry, Ken & Shirley Cobble, Roy Bradley, Rob Martin, Eddie Harris, Dawn Markum, Ernie Colvin, Kevin Lawson, George Schimpf, and Mark Bassett.  Cancer: Lou Money, Bruce Bradford, Hector Cortez, Mary Creech, James Stanfield, Don Sommardahl, Jimmy Woodard, Joyce Jones, Emery Dougan, Serita Hines, Beverly Hines, Malaika Ballard, Dickie Mitchell, Kermit Murphy, Bobby Teems, Jeff Henson, Ronnie Griggs, Eric Burr, David Shaw, Phyllis Miller, Lisa Crowell, Debra Dewees, Shelia Foster, Kathy Vincion Givens, Jennifer Collet, and Buzz Watkins.  Kidnapped children of our Christian family in Nigeria:  Asabe Lawa, Sarah Nkeki, Lugwa Samuel, Tabitha Sila, Saraya Amos, Hauwa Abdu, Rejoice Shaki, Esther John, Kauna Lalai, & Ruth Fillow.


Walter Hill Cookbooks

Several years ago the Walter Hill congregation put together and published a cookbook of favorite recipes of our members. We still have copies of the cookbook available if anyone would like a copy or copies. They are $8 each and make nice gifts. If you would like a copy or copies, please contact Judy or Barbara Money.

Keep In Mind


Pantry Item This Month

Canned Ham / Macaroni & Cheese

Please place donations in the basket located in the lobby.

Bible Classes

  • Bible Classes

    Sunday 6 pm

    Auditorium – 1 and 2 Thessalonians – Randall Smith

    Adult 2 – Asking For A Friend – Justin Morton

    Sunday 6 pm

    Young Families/Young Adults – Room 109 – The Good Part – Brandon Thomson

    Wednesday 7 pm

    Auditorium – Equipped – Various Men



Sunday Morning — 293

Sunday Evening — 203

Wednesday —



Weekly Budget: $13,400.00
Contribution: $14,609.00
Year to Date Budget: $308,200.00
Year to Date Contribution: $331,527.00


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Roxayn Clark12th Jun
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Wedding Anniversaries within the next 14 days:

NameWedding date
Thomas & Amy Byrd14th Jun
Brian & Ann-Marie Byrd15th Jun
Jordan & April Pack15th Jun
Thomas & Christy Wakefield15th Jun
Christian & Hallie Stark18th Jun
Beverly Williamson20th Jun
Susie Cogdill22nd Jun
Charlie & Lynda Davidson23rd Jun

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