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The Joy of Victory and the Agony of Defeat

by Justin Morton

Like many of you, after Bible class on Sunday evening, our family tuned in to watch Super Bowl LVIII. Now I know for some people the Super Bowl is just a time to get together with family and friends, eat some delicious food and share some laughs. But for those who truly love the game, the Super Bowl is the most important game of the entire year. Certainly it is the most important game for the players who participate.

This year’s game came to an exciting conclusion in overtime. But it’s what happened at the end of the game that I want to draw your attention to. At the end of the game, while some people were celebrating a victory, other people were crying in defeat. As I watched the Chiefs celebrate their victory, I could not help but think about the agony of defeat for the 49ers players. They were so close to being crowned Super Bowl champions. The San Francisco 49ers lost the most important game of the season, the game they had been training and preparing for all year. Their team fell just short of their desired goal. Now they have an entire offseason to think about how close they were and what they missed out on.

The day is coming when the clock will strike zero, and our lives will come to an end. Each one of us will stand before the Lord and give an account of how we lived (2 Cor. 5:10). Many people have the goal of living eternally in heaven forevermore when that day comes. But much like the aftermath of the Super Bowl, on that day some will get to celebrate the greatest victory known to man, while others will be left with a pain and regret unlike any other ever experienced. Those individuals will be cast away from the presence of the Lord for all of eternity (Matt. 25:41-46).  And much like the players of the San Francisco 49ers, they will have lots of time to reflect on what might have been and all the opportunities they had to obey the Lord (Lk.16:25).

May we live our lives in obedience to the will of God so that when our game is over, we will experience the joy of victory instead of the agony of defeat.

Sermon Topic


“Behind Closed Doors: God’s Desire for Children”

Scripture Reading: Ephesians 6:1-4

Youth In Action

A teen Bible reading plan has been posted to the website. 

Friday, February 16th: Equipped 6pm-8pm! Food will be provided. Most Friday nights in February and March we will meet at the building to prepare to lead others in worship. This will serve as L2L practice but is not limited to Lads 2 Leaders participants. Equipped is not designed to be a time for writing speeches but a time to practice, so you will need to prepare a speech ahead of time, in order to benefit from Equipped

Saturday, February 17th: Serves Up, Dude 9am-11am. We will be making flower bouquets for our widows and widowers. We will be delivering some and others will be distributed at the Widows and Widowers Brunch. 

Sunday, February 18th: Devotional immediately after Bible class, at Bryan and Natalie Lewis’ house! Girls bring drinks and boys bring desserts. 

February 23rd-25th: CYC! Challenge Youth Conference is a weekend conference in Pigeon Forge, TN. We will leave Friday at 11am and plan to be back Sunday at 4:30pm, just in time for Bible Class. The cost is $100, payment is due ASAP, and can be paid online or by check made out to Walter Hill Church of Christ. You can learn more by clicking here or visiting walterhillchurch.com/cyc

There will be no Equip Friday, February 23rd due to CYC. 

Tuesday, February 27th: Biscuits n’ Prayer at Chick-fil-a from 7am-8am. We will pray at 7:20am so everyone can get to school on time. All are welcome to join us! 

Friday, March 1st Equipped 6pm-8pm! Food will be provided. Most Friday nights in February and March we will meet at the building to prepare to lead others in worship. This will serve as L2L practice but is not limited to Lads 2 Leaders participants. Equipped is not designed to be a time for writing speeches but a time to practice, so you will need to prepare a speech ahead of time, in order to benefit from Equipped

Spring calendar available here.

Remember In Prayer

Patrick Jones

Patrick Jones had gallbladder surgery on Tuesday, February 6, which went well.  He was discharged from the hospital on Friday afternoon, February 9.  (February 9)

Melissa Robison

Melissa Robison will have back surgery on February 20 at StoneCrest.  (February 2)

Juanita Brewer

Juanita Brewer was transferred to Quality Care Rehab, Room 55, in Lebanon on Thursday, February 1. She is still very weak.  Cards may be mailed to her at Quality Care Rehab, Room 55, 932 E. Baddour Parkway, Lebanon, TN 37087.  (February 2)

Expectant mothers

Please keep expectant mother, Mira Horn, in your prayers.

Continued Prayer Requests

Stacey Martin, Juanita Brewer, Beulah Harris, Randy Warren, Marla Gregory, Marshal & Susan Horton, Marie Clark, Faye Pistole, Wanda Nelson, Terri Bradford, Rita Hill, James Richardson, Helen Warren, Ashley Jones, Greg Ashburn, Sepal DeBerry, Ken Chambers, Wanda Hames, Mary Landis, Don Sommardahl, Butch Eades, Dan Daniels, Irene Nelson, Eula Stokes, Jackye Stanfield, Barbara West, Rubin Horton, Della Murphy, Timothy Ashburn, Eddie Litton, Jackie Gentry, Ken & Shirley Cobble, Denise Hill, Roy Bradley, Rob Martin, Robbie Fults, Eddie Harris, Dawn Markum, Kelly Rakow, Jerry Bowen, Ernie Colvin, Emily Millsap, David Valentine, and George Schimpf.  Cancer: Lou Money, Bruce Bradford, Hector Cortez, Emery Dougan, Serita Hines, Bobby Teems, Mary Creech, James Stanfield, Jimmy Woodard, Mark Cary, Joyce Jones, Jeff Young, Jeff Henson, Ronnie Griggs, Eric Burr, Annette Garcia, Phyllis Miller, Drew Corley, Lisa Crowell, Debra Dewees, Shelia Foster, Diane Lovell, & Tammy Rhea.  Kidnapped children of our Christian family in Nigeria:  Asabe Lawa, Sarah Nkeki, Lugwa Samuel, Tabitha Sila, Saraya Amos, Hauwa Abdu, Rejoice Shaki, Esther John, Kauna Lalai, & Ruth Fillow.


Ladies’ Retreat

Ladies’ Retreat will be April 5-7 at Horton Haven Christian Camp. Cost for the weekend is $125. Deposit of $50 is due by March 1. Additional information and sign-up sheets posted on WINGS’ board in EDW. Questions, see Mary West, Lisa Richardson, or Roxy Norwood.

WH Intergenerational Ladies Day 2024

Walter Hill Intergenerational Ladies Day 2024 will be Saturday, March 16, from 8:45 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. Our keynote speaker this year will be Miranda Morton. Sign-up sheets posted on Ladies’ Day board in EDW.

Widows & Widowers Brunch

Widows & Widowers are cordially invited to a brunch in your honor on Sunday, February 18, immediately after morning worship services. Sign-up sheets in lobby and posted on EDW board.

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Tuna / Chili / Crackers

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Bible Classes

  • Bible Classes

    Sunday 5 pm

    Auditorium – Egypt, Jordan and Israel – Various Men

    Adult 2 – Lessons from the Unnamed – Culley Phillips & Doug Argo

    Sunday 5 pm

    Young Families/Young Adults – Room 109 – Reasons to Believe – Bryan Lewis

    Wednesday 7 pm

    Auditorium – The Reluctant Prophet: The Life of Moses – Justin Morton

    Young Families/ Young Adults – Room 109 – A Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here For? – Richard Hughes

    Adult 1 – Singing Class – Matt Lanius

    Ladies’ Class – Adult 2 – A Psalm for When… – Miranda Morton



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New Members

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