Summer Blessings

by Chris Elrod

             This summer has been a reminder of the goodness of God and His people.  We had more attend this year’s VBS than we have had attend since 2014.  God blessed us with opportunities to plant the seed of His Word in the lives of several from our community (Luke 8:11).  I am always so encouraged by all the children who are eager to sing songs and learn about God, but I am also encouraged by all those who are eager to serve during VBS.  So many were eager to jump to work in a wide variety of ways, understanding the impact VBS can have on the faith of our children and in reaching the lost of our community.  Thank you for all your hard work, support, and for inviting loved ones and friends to VBS!

Camp was also a huge success despite some being injured and the extreme heat.  Camp was a success because God’s Word was taught and is at work within the lives of so many young people.  We had more register for camp (110) than ever before.  Our teens know camp is one of my favorite weeks of the year.  It’s always so great to see so many from other congregations.  It’s such a blessing.  Yet, I am always so encouraged by our group, both our adults and youth.  The adults who come to camp with us demonstrate in a special way what it means to be a living sacrifice (Romans 12:1).  Camp is hot, the mattresses are at best mediocre, and vacation time is required for most to be in attendance.  Yet, they go to help nurture the spiritual growth of our youth.  I have such a deep appreciation for them!  The Walter Hill Youth encourage me in the ways they lead at camp, grow closer to one another, and seek the Lord through worship and Bible study.

We had five baptisms at camp this year.  Four were from Walter Hill.  We are so proud of all those who were baptized into Christ.  So far, we have had eleven baptisms in our youth ministry in 2024.  The coolest part is that most of them occurred in conjunction with a teen leading or taking part in a Bible study with another teen.  Our teens understand and are living out Jesus’s command to make disciples (Matthew 28:18-20) and are setting an example for us adults to follow.  Imagine the growth we would experience if we as adults were as evangelistic and eager to invite our friends to Bible study.  While we strive to set an example for our youth, they too set an example for us!  Let’s seek to make disciples.