Shepherds’ Notes

In the Shepherds’ Notes article from November 2022, it highlighted the Annual Friday Night Singing, the impending holiday season, our college students returning home soon for their holiday break, the addition of several new individuals and families to the Walter Hill congregation, and the blessing of having visitors coming to worship with us.

There were some thoughts about using the same article again this year as it would certainly be applicable this November.

One thing I (we) sometimes fail to do is express my (our) appreciation for our office staff, Chris, Janice, Justin, and Paul (listed alphabetically).  This group of four work together as a team to serve the Walter Hill congregation.  Each one has different responsibilities and each one endeavors to accomplish the work to which they are assigned.

Chris truly gives of himself to work with our teens and Walter Hill is greatly blessed to have a lot of teenagers and younger children.  Chris, working with our parents, is guiding our young people to be disciples of Christ during their teen years and beyond.  Chris would be the first to tell you that his wife, Emily, is his biggest supporter and partner in his work.

Janice serves as our office manager.  Many who are new to Walter Hill may not have met Janice yet, but she quietly and effectively keeps the office in order.  Her responsibilities vary widely as she gets the bulletin printed, helps with food assistance, fields numerous phone calls, orders materials…you get the picture.

Justin has proved to be a blessing to the Walter Hill congregation since coming here to serve as our preaching minister.  His lessons are carefully prepared and delivered.  More importantly, his lessons present us the truth from God’s word.  The shepherds at Walter Hill have full confidence in Justin and his work.  Justin’s wife, Miranda, is truly a joy to have here at Walter Hill.

Paul served the Walter Hill congregation for many years as the preaching minister before “semi-retiring” and transitioning into the role of our associate minister.  He is a regular Bible class teacher, conducts GriefShare, and fills in for Justin when he is out.  For all these many years, Paul’s wife, Gail, has faithfully supported Paul in his work at Walter Hill.

Chris, Janice, Justin, and Paul, please accept the thanks from the elders and this congregation for your service in the Lord’s church at Walter Hill.