Shepherds’ Notes

We are so blessed at Walter Hill. We have three fantastic ministers who are sound doctrinally, fun to be around, and can present God’s word in a manner we can all understand. The elders are very excited about the future of this location and growth potential, both spiritually and numerically.

Justin continues to proclaim the gospel in a very straight forward manner that is easy to understand and apply to our lives. His sermon last Sunday is just one example. If you remember, his lesson was on baptism and why it is important. He explained what it is, what it does, and when it should be done. He provided examples of the importance of not waiting or scheduling a convenient time but to act swiftly as it is one of the steps of salvation.

Chris is so active with the youth it will make your head spin. Our youth have opportunity after opportunity to be involved with each other. Chris spends hours preparing them to fight the challenges each are going through as part of growing up. Their salvation is priority for him and it is reflected in the way he cares for each of them individually.

Paul is a rock. He is someone we can lean on for sound advice and comfort. Although he is part time he serves us fulltime. If he is not filling in for Justin or teaching a class he is studying in his office.

Let’s also remember their wives. We all know behind every good man is a good wife. Thank you Miranda, Emily, and Gail.

We cannot forget others who keep things running smoothly. Janice is working diligently to keep up with the bulletin and keeping the elders up on current events. I would be amiss if I did not mention Steve Hickson, Jessica, and Josh who keep the facility clean and stocked.

We have so many workers; our deacons, our teachers, our club 456 leaders, our care groups, our visitation teams, our greeters, our young ladies who put out the attendance cards and the young men who collect them. We have so many who work behind the scenes writing cards, visiting, calling folks, baking cookies and sweets to give away. The list goes on and on.

             The Lord has blessed His family that meets here. This family at Walter Hill church of Christ is so special and the Lord is so good. It is easy to invite friends and family to visit with us and encourage them to be a part of our church family. To all our members, thanks. Let’s all encourage one another this week. 1 Thessalonians 5:11 “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as you are doing.”