What If Today Were Your Last Day?

by Justin Morton

Growing up, my friends and I would sometimes play the “What if?” game. Maybe you’ve played this before with friends or family. During the “What if?” game you ask each other different questions about how you would react or choose or respond if you were in various situations. Playing “What if?” was always fun because some of the questions we asked were very intriguing.

One of the most interesting questions I was ever asked was, “What if today were your last day to live; how would you spend your time?” That question made me stop and think for a moment before I gave my answer. Perhaps like some of you, I answered with, “I would spend the whole day with my loved ones doing our favorite things together.”

Looking back, this was not a bad answer. In fact, I would probably say something similar now. But here’s what I want you to consider for just a moment. Why does it take a silly kids’ game to make us stop and think about how we would spend our time if we knew it was limited?

Honestly it shouldn’t take a game question to make us reflect on this idea. We clearly know at some point our life on earth will end. Death is an appointment we must keep (Heb. 9:27). James even tells us our life is but a mist that only appears for a little time (Jam. 4:14). That’s why it is so important we make the best use of our time every day for things that really matter (Eph. 5:16).

Our congregation has experienced 3 funerals in the last 14 days. Friends, today could be our last day to live, so we’d better make it count. Let’s not waste what little time we have on things that will not matter in the end. Instead let’s demonstrate our love for others in our lives. Let’s show our family, friends and neighbors how people who love Jesus really live. We will change our lives and theirs. I challenge you: live today, and every day as if it were your last day… because it just might be.