From Chris’s Computer

Recognizing our Intern

Youth ministry is something I love dearly.  This summer has been especially rewarding, as Walter Hill has had our first full-time intern. Donavon Hamlett has served our young people and our youth ministry well. In Philippians 4:8 Paul tells the Philippians to think on whatever is excellent, commendable, and worthy of praise. This summer and the work Donavon has done certainly fits this type of thinking.

Donavon’s been such an asset to our ministry, and I hope we have been an asset to him as well. His job as youth intern is to learn as much as possible about youth ministry, while also developing relationships with the students, setting an example for them to follow, and mentoring them in their faith, through teaching and event planning.

I believe Donavon has learned a lot about youth ministry, gaining a lot of valuable experience. Essentially, anything we have planned Donavon has been a part of it, from finalizing this year’s camp schedule, to planning next year’s camp, to evaluating and publishing our fall schedule. Donavon has played a huge part in 2 major projects this summer. He has put together an updated youth song book, which includes the sheet music. He has also been instrumental in getting our Walter Hill Youth app up and running. We are very excited to have this new way of sharing important information!

Donavon has also been teaching throughout the summer.  He taught on creation and the fall during VBS. Then he taught 1 and 2 Peter throughout the summer on Sunday nights. Donavon has done a great job teaching our teens the Word of God, and as the summer has progressed, he’s grown a lot as a teacher. I know the teens have greatly appreciated Donavon’s service. Some have even considered one day serving in a similar capacity. We all should be proud and thankful for Donavon.