Shepherds’ Notes

              Happy Mother’s Day!  In Paul’s Wednesday evening class, we have been studying the book of 1Samuel.  Several weeks ago, we studied about Hannah and how she prayed earnestly for a son, and how she would “give him to the Lord all the days of his life” (1 Samuel 1:11)  and how the Lord remembered her and blessed her with a son, Samuel.  We also studied about how Hannah brought Samuel to Eli the priest after he was weaned and entrusted him to the care of Eli to minister to the Lord.   

Then we read in 1 Samuel 2:19 that Hannah would make for Samuel a little robe and take it to him each year.  Sometimes we read right past this verse and don’t really take the time to think about the magnitude of what Hannah has done.  Imagine the faith and the strength that Hannah had to pray, to the point of weeping, for a son, and then leave him with the priest when he was a small child.  The love that she had for Samuel was no doubt strong, but her faith in the Lord was stronger.  It is hard to fathom the strength and love it took Hannah to leave Samuel.    

How blessed we are at Walter Hill with so many babies!  The Elders love to hear the cries of the little ones in the auditorium because we know that means the church will have servants and leaders in the years to come.  How thankful we are that we have Mothers that know the importance of children being in the worship assembly.  As we celebrate Mothers today, let’s be especially thankful for the Moms that we have here at Walter Hill and the amount of work that they put into making sure their children know, at a very young age, the importance of worshipping the Lord each Lord’s day.