Congratulations Lads 2 Leaders Participants!

by Justin Morton

Each year nearly 10,000 people from across the Southeast assemble at the Opryland hotel in Nashville for the Lads 2 Leaders convention. If you are not familiar with Lads 2 Leaders, or L2L, this annual event is held at nine different sites throughout the United States and focuses on leadership and service training for young people.

Several of us were blessed to watch as participants boldly and courageously stood before large groups and led songs, gave speeches, participated in puppets, answered Bible Bowl questions and debated the topic of human life beginning at conception. All of our students who participated represented Walter Hill well! If your child or grandchild is not involved in L2L, will you consider investing in this wonderful program? L2L offers many different ways to be involved, even if one cannot attend the yearly convention. More information about Walter Hill’s plans for next year is coming soon.

For now, let’s just say thank you! Thank you to the parents who supported and encouraged their children to participate. Thank you to the volunteers who helped our young people prepare for their different events. Thank you to Scott and Heather Miller for being our L2L coordinators. And thank you to all the young people who participated: Maizie Bailey, Josie Cooper, Will Cooper, Emma Dickerson, Charlotte Foster, Ian Foster, Ryan Foster, Halaina Harris, Izzy Jernigan, Katie Jernigan, Dylan Knox, Tyler Lancaster, Kate Lykins, Robert Lykins, Kayla Miller, Josh Miller, Eli Mitchell, Ella Mitchell, Caden Morton, Cameron Morton, Elijah Phillips, Jacolby Rainey, Danek Smith, and Zoie Smith.

We are so proud of each one of you. We cannot wait to see what Lads to Leaders 2024 teaches us about serving our God and our church family!