Shepherds’ Notes

Have you ever used the terms – they; the church; the brotherhood; etc.? So often these terms get used in a negative way – they never do this; the church isn’t doing a good job at …; the brotherhood doesn’t do …. So often we are in the mindset that things just aren’t getting done or going the right way and it someone else’s fault. The Bible talks about looking into a mirror. If each of us would look into the mirror and ask the question, what am I doing to help any situation that I think is not right, we might look at things differently.

         If you do not think the church is spreading the gospel as it should, ask yourself the question, what am I doing to spread the gospel? If you do not think the church is visiting like they should, ask yourself, who am I visiting? If you don’t think the church invites people into their homes like it should, ask yourself, who have I invited into your home lately?

                These are tough question to ask ourselves. I have heard the speech JFK gave in which he said, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. The gospel asks a very similar question. It asks for action. We are the body of Christ and must be active. If we see something or someone in need, we should not look to others to fulfill the need then complain if it’s not, but rather we should take personal action.

                Be a person or family of action. Be a disciple, make disciples. A good way to bring God glory is to be an active member of His Son’s Body, the Church.