From Chris’s Computer

The State of the Walter Hill Youth Ministry

I consider myself so blessed to be the youth minister at this great congregation. It is such a blessing to work with these great teens and their wonderful parents. Thank you for supporting our youth ministry.  I wanted to take this opportunity to write an update and explain some important details of our youth ministry. God is truly blessing our youth and is doing awesome things through them.

One of my favorite aspects of youth ministry is seeing God work in the lives of young people. Seeing the fruits of their spiritual growth as they develop a deeper love for Jesus and a better understanding of His Word is incredible. Recently, I have noticed a greater interest in sharing the gospel with their friends, and an overall closeness among our youth at Walter Hill.

This spring will be busy with several opportunities for spiritual growth and fellowship. The main program our youth will participate in is YFO. YFO now stands for Youth Faith-growing Opportunity. This is where we meet at the building, have a devotional, and play fun games that help us grow closer together.  This is a great opportunity for fellowship and spiritual growth, and it is a time we will be using to prepare for Lads 2 Leaders (L2L).

L2L is a brotherhood-wide program we participate in to help prepare our youth to lead in the church. L2L helps prepare our youth to present lessons and lead singing; along with Bible bowl, debate, and even puppet shows. Even if your youth are unable to participate in L2L, YFO will still provide a great opportunity for spiritual growth. Please pray for these efforts to bear fruit in the lives of our teens.