Who Is Your Naaman?

By Justin Morton

Sometimes we can walk into people’s lives at just the right moment. Do you recall the story of Naaman (2 Kings 5)? Naaman was a mighty warrior who was highly regarded by his master because he was a successful military leader. However, despite his great military success, Naaman had one big problem: he was a leper. As the leprosy progressed, it had the potential to completely change Naaman’s life.

But, at just the right moment in time, a young servant girl who served Naaman’s wife, shared some news that led to his healing. She told her master about the prophet Elisha and his ability to perform miracles (2 Kings 5:2-3). Now consider that this young girl could have kept quiet and let Naaman continue to suffer. She could have decided Naaman was a lost cause who wouldn’t believe her since she was just a servant. Although she had several options, she chose to do the right thing. The young girl made a decision to share news with Naaman that eventually led to his healing.

Like Naaman, many people find themselves in the midst of a major problem. They are infected with a life altering disease known as sin (Rom. 3:23). If not treated properly, this disease will ultimately kill them for all of eternity (Rom. 6:23).

Friends, we have a choice. Will we share the lifesaving news we have been entrusted with or will we choose to keep quiet? I am certain there is a Naaman in your life who needs you to step out of your comfort zone and share the good news of Jesus with him or her. Why wait? Work up the courage to share the amazing, lifesaving news of the gospel sometime this week.