Shepherds’ Notes

It has been a busy summer at Walter Hill and it is not over yet.  Walter Hill has hosted MYM for the teens, VBS was a great event, youth camp at Mt. Joy was a success, and a Walter Hill group has just returned from a mission trip to Honduras.

Still to come is our gospel meeting with Brad Harrub beginning Friday, July 22, going through Sunday, July 24.  Please be making plans to be at Walter Hill those three days.

Bible classes are in full swing for the summer and if you are not currently attending a Bible class on Sunday evening or Wednesday evening, this is a great time to get in that habit.

Justin is getting settled in and is delivering great messages from God’s Word.  With Justin, Paul, Chris, Janice, and Steve, we are indeed blessed with a wonderful group of ministers and support staff.

The Old Testament man, Job, when all was going well for him, praised and worshipped God.  When Satan took his children and his farm and afflicted him with sores all over his body, Job praised and worshipped God.

For the most part, we have been richly blessed with the things of this life.  We have housing, clothing, and food to eat.  We occasionally sing a song, called, “Count Your Blessings”.  A line in the chorus is “Count your blessings, name them one by one; Count your many blessings, see what God hath done.”

I hope we are all taking time to count our blessings, even when life does not seem to be going too well.  Regardless of our status in life, whether rich or less fortunate, in good health or poor health, we have much reason to be thankful to God who provides all good things in our lives.  May God be praised!