From Chris’s Computer

Walter Hill is such a blessed congregation. We are confident the Lord will continue to bless Walter Hill as we remain faithful to Him. The future is bright! This is an especially exciting Sunday as Justin begins preaching full time. This is a day we have been anticipating for some time and have prayed about as we searched for and selected Justin to be our new minister. In many ways this is a day of new beginnings.

Much like the turn of the new year, new beginnings generate a lot of momentum and excitement. We need to recognize this and make sure we make the most of this opportunity. Sometimes we need a reset or refocus on who we need to be as the Lord’s people. Times of transition and new beginnings can provide us with opportunities to refocus. While Justin, Miranda, and the boys are coming to work, we must not forget they are here to work with us and alongside us.

Maybe this new beginning needs to be a time where we look at our service in the Lord’s church. Perhaps we ask ourselves, “How can I improve as a worker for Lord?” It’s often easy to neglect responsibilities we are uncomfortable with, maybe it’s time we expand our horizons and step out of our comfort zones.

Maybe it’s time to volunteer to teach a class, even if it’s just one class, or maybe it’s time to write a card of encouragement to someone. Maybe it’s time to begin inviting others to church or having Bible studies with the lost.

Let’s all challenge ourselves as we enter this new beginning to grow as workers in the Lord’s Kingdom.