Shepherds’ Notes

Happy Mother’s Day!

In Proverbs chapter 31, King Lemuel’s mother offers her son some very wise advice.   Paraphrasing, she warns him of sexual immorality, to not drink, to judge righteously and stand up for the poor and needy.   Then she spends the rest of the chapter telling the King what to look for in a virtuous wife.   Often, we focus on the latter part of the chapter, but the beginning of the chapter shows just how much the King’s mother loves him.   The King is her son, she carried and gave birth to him, and she made promises and commitments to care for him.  Some translations imply that he was the answer to her prayers.   She certainly wants what is best for him.

Scripture often talks of a mother’s love, and in other verses in Proverbs it talks about how painful it is when a mother’s child is foolish or rebellious.    That should give us some insight as to how much our Heavenly Father loves us!   After all, he gave us life, wants what is best for us, and has made us promises that he will keep!

How very thankful we are for our mothers here at Walter Hill.    We have some virtuous women that do a fantastic job raising young men and ladies, and we have some very faithful men and women that are serving because of a mother’s influence.

This time of year gets very busy.     Looking back two years ago, maybe we should be thankful that it is busy again.   But, please take time this Sunday to honor your mother, whether it be a phone call, a visit, or a memory or good deed through which to honor her.