From Chris’s Computer

Recently, I shared a vision with our youth group: to become the friendliest youth group in Rutherford County. I have shared this vision with them not because they lack friendliness, but because of the impact friendliness can have on the Lord’s Kingdom.

Matthew, Mark, and Luke all record the parable of the sower, a parable Jesus tells to help us understand how people will respond to God’s Word differently. This parable also points to the power God’s Word has to transform those who hear it. In Luke 8:11, Jesus begins to explain this parable, where He clearly states that the seed represents the Word of God. This is an important point that we must focus on, as we show concern for the lost.

 It is good for us to think about “planting seeds,” as we pursue those who are lost in our lives, but we must ensure we are spreading the seed Jesus is talking about, the word of God. This means we aren’t spreading seeds when we are serving others, letting our light shine, or by being friendly. A seed is planted when God’s Word is heard. Now, certainly letting our light shine, serving others, and being friendly is important. For, it is our light, our service, and our friendliness that prepares the seed to be planted.

This is why I have this vision of our youth being the friendliest youth group in Rutherford County.  It’s as Theodore Roosevelt said, “no one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.” Our friendliness, with some intention, can lead to spreading seeds as Jesus intended. We are friendly people, but I hope we can be friendly with the intention of planting a seed, by sharing God’s Word.