Shepherds’ Notes

When Paul announced his plan to retire in April of next year, the elders announced that a search committee would be assembled to perform the task of reviewing candidates and making recommendations to the elders. Josh Cooper, Dan Holt, Matt Lanius, Bryan Lewis, Trampas McCracken, Scott Miller, Kip Nickell, and Jordan Pack were asked to serve, and they are diligently working to serve the Walter Hill congregation in finding our next minister.

Over the next 2-3 months, the elders will be inviting candidates recommended by the search committee to preach to the congregation and teach a combined adult Bible class on Sunday evening. I would also anticipate there being an opportunity for the congregation to meet those candidates invited to visit.

Kindly remember the search committee in your prayers. The elders also request your prayers that God’s will be done as we seek out the man who will serve Walter Hill as its next pulpit minister.

Changing thoughts, we have been asked about where certain families have gone in the last 18 months. With the pandemic, we all worshiped at home for a couple of months in the beginning, and then went to two services for many months where folks only saw half the congregation, depending on whether you attended the first or second service.

When we all came back together in May, not everyone came back. Some have not returned yet due to health concerns about the virus. Some families have moved out of the Murfreesboro area and are worshiping close to their new home. Others have identified with different congregations in the Murfreesboro area to worship with family members, e.g., children, grandchildren, aging parents.

The online directory is a resource to use to keep up with current members, but it is woefully out of date. Be looking in the coming weeks for announcements regarding the taking of new photos to update the directory.