Shepherds’ Notes

As everyone should know by now, Paul announced his retirement plans for next year. It is a sad but happy time. It is sad because Paul will retire after 25 years of service to the congregation. He is and has been a staple of each of our lives, like a nice cup of coffee or a warm blanket, very comforting. It is a happy time because Paul will get to enjoy some extra time with Gail and the family and do some sightseeing of God’s glorious work. Walter Hill is blessed with biblical, sound lessons from the pulpit and in class. Paul being our minister for such an extended period has created stability and the elders have been able to have complete confidence in his soundness.

With the announcement comes anxiety. This is to be expected. Change is never easy. To help ease the anxiety, Paul has agreed to stay on as an associate minister. This announcement has begun a series of events that will ensure our next minister is found, has a solid understanding of the scriptures, and meets other criteria set by the elders. A search committee has been formed and is very active. These men were chosen as to create a cross section of the congregation: some older; some younger, some have been here awhile, and some are more recent members. Each man brings a unique perspective to the committee.

Now the big question, what can I do to help? Pray, Pray, Pray. Pray for the search committee, they have a daunting task. Pray for the elders, we are in uncharted territory at Walter Hill. Pray for us as the local church, that we maintain unity throughout this process.

On a final note, if you know someone who you consider sound in doctrine and is looking for a great place to minister, have them send their resume to: May God bless us during this process.