Paul’s Pen

            As announced by the elders last Sunday morning, I plan to semi-retire at the beginning of April and fill the role of associate minister. If things go as planned, this will give me 25 years as the first full-time minister at Walter Hill. Depending on when the new pulpit minister can move into this role, I may have to stay on just a little longer. Of course, it may take a few weeks for the search committee to get organized before the search begins in earnest. I hope you’ll begin praying now for this committee and our elders for the right man (and his family) to be found.

            I am reminded of the congregation whose members were suffering from a severe drought and they decided to have an old-fashioned prayer meeting – asking God for rain. The congregation turned out in force to pray for an end to the drought; however, no one brought an umbrella. While we immediately see the irony (and humor) in this, it is backed by a Biblical example.

            Do you remember how Herod threw Peter in prison after killing the apostle James, the brother of John? It is recorded in Acts 12 and verse 5 reveals that the church was constantly praying to God for him. After an angel of the Lord set Peter free from prison, he came to the home of Mary, John Mark’s mother, where many of the church were gathered praying. The young girl Rhoda recognized Peter when he knocked at the gate but, in her excitement, failed to let him in. Instead, she ran to tell those praying. They thought Rhoda was not quite right and told her it was Peter’s angel. Peter’s persistent knocking finally got him admitted to the house with the realization that their prayers had been answered.

            As the search begins, let’s pray positively that God will guide the elders and committee to find the right man for the job!