Will’s Words

Think about these three guiding questions that assist us in making decisions. The first is “What’s the moral thing to do?” This aims to align us with what is acceptable to our Lord and His will. The second question often overlaps: “What is the ethical thing to do?” Asking this helps re-enforce the need to do what is right and fair. The third question is maybe most helpful though because we usually know what’s moral or ethical without asking those specific questions. The third question is “What is the wise thing to do?” Most frequently, this is what we must wrestle with as we assess our options. Is it morally and ethically acceptable to wear shorts to a job interview for a management position? Sure, it is. Is it wise? Probably not.

The Bible has much to say about wisdom and gaining wisdom. The fundamental truth about wisdom is “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is insight” (Proverbs 9:10; see also 1:7). In this sense, wisdom is rooted in knowing, fearing, and respecting God. Wisdom is worth seeking (Pr 2:1–15) and rewards us generously when we use it (Pr 2:20–22).

In Proverbs 9, we see two women inviting those without understanding into their homes to eat. Woman Wisdom offers a large meal to the simple (unwise) so that they may leave their naïve ways and “walk in the ways of insight” (Pr 9:1–6). On the other hand, Woman Folly invites in the simple as well, but her promises are hollow and only lead to death (Pr 9:13–18). You see, Woman Folly herself is loud, unwise, and unknowing.

May we seek wisdom and its blessings!