Shepherds’ Notes

We are looking forward to all meeting together as a family in a single service on Sunday, June 6th.    We have all been hopeful of this day and looking forward to lifting up songs of praise together again!   It will be a beautiful sound!

As of that date, it will be almost exactly a year since we started assembling in two separate services.    The Elders would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the men and ladies that worked to make this happen.  Paul and Will that have delivered sermons twice and made online bible study videos. Men that coordinated the audio/visual, that provided the security, and that coordinated those to serve for two services.    And we are so very thankful to Steve Hickson for coordinating the extra cleaning between services.

There are also those that kept the congregation together and involved while we were meeting separately.  The ladies that participated in the online children’s programs and Shirley Smith that produced 57 episodes of Bible Time with Mrs. Shirley!  Josh Cooper that began an online Zoom class.  The Care Groups that kept meeting the needs of the congregation.  The ladies that visit and deliver food and necessities to those that were in need, and the ladies that would meet and study together throughout the year.  Chris and the youth that kept in touch and kept active!  And Janice for keeping everything running smoothly!

The danger in thanking certain individuals is that there is not room in this article to list all of the names of all of the folks that contributed.   To all those that endured, please accept our heartfelt thanks.

We are excited about the things happening in 2021!